Freestanding Puzzles


Freestanding puzzles were the first things that we started cutting and selling. They range from simple three piece children's puzzles to complex dinosaur and dragon puzzles. While some of them may look simple enough, looks can be deceiving. Even after putting multiple copies of the same puzzle together, we still need cheat sheets for some of them.

Our puzzles are cut from a variety of different woods including oak, walnut, poplar, mahagony, aspen and pine. The specific wood for each puzzle was chosen based on the puzzle itself with regard to the color of the wood, grain, hardness of the wood, intricacy of the cutting involved and on occasion, what we had lying around at the time.

All puzzles are freestanding unless noted.

Puzzles are 3/4" thick unless noted.

All sizes are approximate.

Not all puzzles are suitable for all ages.

Small pieces may be a chocking hazard, and we are not responsible for any accidents.

Due to variations in wood and and the nature of hand crafted items, there may be slight differences in appearance between puzzles as shown and the actual items.

All edges are flap sanded to round them over.

Non colored puzzles are finished with natural Danish Oil and are non-toxic once dry.

Colored puzzles are finished with water based stains and are non-toxic.

Many of the designs and patterns for our freestanding puzzles come from the works of Patrick & Patricia Spielman, Judy & Dave Peterson and Tony & June Burns. We would like to thank them for their inspiration and encourage anyone interested in scroll sawing to check out their works as well as many of the other wonderful reference, pattern, and resource books that are available on the subject specifically and woodworking in general.