Mini Mats


8x10 Mini Mat Frame

10x13 Mini Mat Frame


Each holds a wallet size photo
 & measures  5 1/4” x 3 1/3”.

Mix or match cut-in &
 cut-out names.

Choose your dedication.

8x10 - #MAT027
For up to 3 names.
$9.95 + $3 per name

10x13 - #MAT028
For up to 6 names.
$11.95 + $3 per name

Cut-In Name - #MAT300
(Aubrey to the left)

Cut-Out Name - #MAT301
(Carson & Emma to the left)

16x20 Mini Mat Frame
16x20 - #MAT029
For up to 16 names.
$17.95 + $3 per name

Mini Mats fit all size frames so expansion is no problem.
“Heart” placeholders included if needed.
Names are limited to 8 letters.

Examples of dedications that we have cut:
Our Lil’ Angels
God’s Blessings
Our Grand Angels
Gotta Love ‘Em
Our Family
Pretty Cute, Huh?
Our Deduction$
We Love Grandma
We Love Busia

Choose one of ours or use your own.
Perfect for grandparent varations: nonnie, grammy, papa, etc.
Dedications are limited to 16 characters.


Indicate cut-in name with (-I) after name when ordering (ex. Dan-I)
Indicate cut-out name with (-O) after name when ordering (ex. Sue-O)

If no preference is listed, all names will be cut-in.