About Us


Scroll Saw Gifts LLC, is a locally owned small business in Montague, MI that produces a wide variety of hand crafted items for both retail and wholesale distribution. Many of our products are designed to be customized or personalized. All of our products are cut by hand, primarily by scroll saw. No lasers or computer guided machinery are used. As we continue to expand, we would rather add jobs in support of our local economy than increase the output of some programmed cutting machine. 

It’s amazing how many people have gone as far as ordering from us, not realizing that not only do we make everything except frames ourselves but we also do it all by hand without lasers or computer guided machinery. We are not distributors of product made out of the country. Many of the designs and patterns for the items that you will find on this website or in our catalogs come from woodworking books and magazines. Some are our own. All of the actual product though is handmade. 

The source for all of this comes from a handcrafted framed photo mat that we purchased from a Renaissance Festival nearly a decade ago. Looking at the mat itself, once we got it home, we both made the comment that “we could do that”. And so it began. 

Deciding what we would do and how exactly we would do it took awhile, but we hope that all of our work has paid off. We hand cut puzzles, plaques, clocks, crosses, photo mats, ornaments and more. Ours is not a static inventory, so check back often. We also design and cut custom items for tourist related industries, churches, schools, sports teams and more. 

We hope that you will find something to your liking. If you have an idea for something please let us know. We realize that the style and design of our items does not fit in with everyone's taste or decor and if you happen to be one of those people, we understand. If you are so inclined however, please pass on our site to any friends or family members that might be interested in what we have to offer. We could really use the help of buyers, bloggers and tweeters and we would love it if you would like us on Facebook.  

Finally, we would like to thank all of the people that have helped us out as we have progressed to this point in time. Most importantly, we would like to thank God for his inspiration and his many blessings.  Without Him, none of this would be possible.



Dan & Dawn Misiora